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For happy owners of cute Mini Coopers, a serious problem may arise – where to do the oil change? We offer not to lose time finding the answer on other websites and give an opportunity to read the latest reviews on Eldorado service shops, it is one of those service stations that can easily deal with Mini Cooper cars.

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- Juan Freeman: Responsive and very reasonable. Repairing the wiring to the TPS Sensor saved me thousands of dollars. Other repair shops told me that I would probably need to replace the transmission. Four months later the car is still running as it should. I have used this shop with different cars over many years and they are consistently good at diagnosing and repair as well as pricing, you can find out, for example, Total Nordic prices or other company on the official Mini Cooper web-page with more details.

- Scarlett Crossman: They looked at the car right away and repaired the heat shield quickly and efficiently.

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Mini Cooper Eldorado Tires Reviews

- Thomas Davidson: Since driving out Mini Cooper from New York to Santa Fe, NM (its new home), the car has been sluggish in low gear. We had heard this might be an effect of altitude, so we tried another larger car repair place in town. They basically scratched their heads and said there was nothing to be done. Some months later (driving past that same repair shop, ironically) the "check engine" light came on and the car stalled. We gave Eldorado Automotive a shot at it because, in the intervening time period, they had done some work on the car, and we were happy with their service.) Glad we did so. Dave went over the car thoroughly, pointed out some things that needed preventive maintenance and dug into the "check engine light" issue. He found a dead oxygen sensor. It took a while to get this fixed because the first sensor shipped to them was the wrong kind of our car and the second one was defective. But, three's the charm. The car is fixed and runs perfectly. We hope that Eldorado customers have inspired you a little bit and next time you will come there with your Mini Cooper for service.