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If you are going to do a transmission liquid flush you must realize that it is a very responsible move. Sometimes a simple oil flush may cause unexpected consequences or negative results, so such service requires a professional. If you still don’t have a reliable service shop, we recommend visiting www.aamco.com. Here you can get all necessary service and some maintenance tips. Also, we have some reviews from customers, you may take them in consideration.

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AAMCO Oil Change Price Reviews

- William Gate: They do it within one day. I drop the car off and they give me a ride home. The workers are excellent.

- Miriam Bootman: They were extremely professional and very courteous which is very important. They also know their auto motives well.
- Fannie Bargeman: They were very accommodating. They told me all the information I needed to know and pointed everything out to me. I thought they were great. They were very prompt at getting me scheduled. The price for what I had done, a high mileage oil change, was very competitive! You can easily check oil change or transmission flush cost online with oil change mobile app.
- Robbie Clifford: Even though the car's a 1991 Cadillac, they were very familiar with the possible cause of the problem, pinpoint it, gave me an accurate cost quote and were able to locate the parts the next day. Friendly, knowledgeable people, ready to go the extra mile by offering me pickup and delivery service to my home.

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AAMCO Transmission Reviews

- Zhoshua Crossman: It was timely, I was able to get in within 3 days. They were punctual. They explained things to me when I had questions about the conditions and etc. The owner had great communication for what needed to be done. It has only been a few days but everything seems to be done and functioning correctly. I was able to get a 5% discount for being Angie's List which I liked. Slightly higher cost than some local shops.